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Fall Protection

Fall Arrest Training Online

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This user-friendly course based on CSA Z259 Standard provides a general understanding of responsibilities when working in areas where fall hazards are present, the use and inspection of required equipment, and the critical controls necessary to reduce the risk of a fall.

Course Content

  • Fall protection and fall arrest systems
  • General responsibilities
  • Fall arrest systems
  • Inspection of equipment
  • Donning a harness
  • Fall hazards and controls
  • Interactive checkpoint exercises, embedded video clips, printable legislation based on province, final exam, and printable certificate.

This course follows the Z259. 10-06 Full body harnesses, Z259. 11-05 Energy Absorbers and Lanyards and Z259. 12-01 Connecting components for personal fall-arrest systems CSA Standards.

Fall Arresting System

A suitable fall arrest system must be used when fall prevention or restraint systems are not appropriate or feasible to use. The system should be designed to prevent falls when used with:

  • An anchorage point
  • Body harness
  • Connecting devices

Insufficient Rescue Planning

If there has been no pre-planning to determine how a worker will be rescued, the worker may simply be left hanging in a harness for 20 – 30 minutes. This can lead to a condition known as suspension trauma and may lead to circulatory problems, mainly blood pooling in the legs, and a possible loss of consciousness.

Fall Pre-Planning

Pre-planning must take into account the:

  • Length of the shock-absorbing lanyard
  • Distance it will extend. Even a perfectly adjusted harness will stretch
  • Distance from the D-ring to the feet

Harness Inspection

Nylon straps and webbing should be inspected for:

  • Broken fibers
  • Cut stitches
  • Frays
  • Burn holes
  • Chemical corrosion