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Getting Your Certificate

After Your Course

The Red Cross has recently improved the way in which participants in First Aid and CPR courses can access their certificates! Instead of a card that can easily be lost, the Red Cross now has an online system which lists all the courses you’ve taken and your expiry date.

Now you don’t have to worry about losing your certificate, because the Red Cross will email you a PDF copy of your full certificate once your course has been processed.

Download a copy for your computer, or print a copy for your wallet.

Need to send proof of your certification to an employer or a volunteer coordinator?

You can easily email the PDF certificate, or else simply provide your last name and the number on your certificate, and your employer can go to the Red Cross website to verify that your certificate is valid.

Once you’ve successfully completed your First Aid or CPR course, the Red Cross will email you a copy of your certificate. This may take up to seven business days after your course, so be sure to get a temporary certificate (valid for 60 days) at your course if you need one.

Want a Laminated Certificate?

If you have taken a Canadian Red Cross First Aid or CPR course with Titan Health & Safety and you’d like to get a physical, laminated copy of your certificate, we are happy to mail one to your address for $5.00 plus GST. Fill out the form below or call us at 403-452-7727 with any questions.

NOTE: If you have not taken a course with Titan Health & Safety, we cannot send you a certificate.

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