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Workplace Electrical Safety


Almost all worksites present electrical risks. Anyone required to work on or near energized electrical equipment must know how to work safely with and around it. The ESTS course:

  • Provides an understanding the hazards of electricity and how to mitigate them.
  • Guides you through a virtual electrical workplace to illustrate the hazards and safety concepts you need to be aware of.
  • Familiarizes you with preventive and protective control measures and the principles to help you work safe.

By end of the program you will have a good understanding of the electrical hazards you face at work, what they can do to you, and how to identify them

This online course focuses on Workplace Electrical Safety and the effective management of the electrical hazards of arc flash and shock. It applies content from CSA Z462 Workplace electrical safety standards to allow you to identify and quantify arc flash and shock hazards. The course includes:

  • Guidance on applying a Plan, Do, Check and Act philosophy when you have to work with energized electrical equipment.
  • Review of Occupational Health & Safety Regulatory requirements.
  • A 3D Virtual Electrical Workplace (VEW) classroom allows for simulation-based training and reviews concepts in CSA Z462 as well as establishing the appropriate preventive and protective control measures.

Course Content

  • OH&S Regulations, Standards and Best Practices
  • Understanding Electricity in the Workplace
  • Electrical Hazards: Understanding the Danger
  • Electrical Hazard Analysis
  • Establishing an Electrical Safe Work Condition
  • Engineering and Administrative Controls
  • Electrical Specific PPE, Tools & Equipment – Selection & Management
  • Emergency Response, Incident Reporting, and Program Maintenance
  • Final Assessment

Each module includes a Knowledge Check that utilizes interactive elements that will engage the student in the learning process. Printable resources are available and a detailed final exam utilizes enhanced scenario-based questions where you interact with the Virtual Electrical Workplace classroom. The student will be provided with a wallet-size certificate following completion of the course, provided they receive a 100% passing grade on the final test.

Course Features

  • Begin your training in minutes
  • Start and stop training at your convenience
  • 30 days to complete the course and review content
  • 24/7 365 access to online training
  • Printable Certificate of Completion

Course Cost


Course Length

6 hours