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TDG Training Online

(Transportation of Dangerous Goods)

TDG training is for people responsible for packing, labeling, documenting, loading, driving, and delivering dangerous goods. This award-winning TDG online course includes a thorough exam and printable certificate to meet Transport Canada’s training requirements for all employees involved in the transportation of dangerous goods.

Our TDG course teaches you what you need to do to safely transport dangerous goods, the penalties for non-compliance, the classes of dangerous goods, how to properly fill out shipping documents, and more.

Course Content

  • Overview of the TDG requirements
  • Responsibilities of shippers, handlers, and drivers
  • Classes of dangerous goods
  • Shipping documents
  • Safety marks
  • Containers
  • Special situations
  • Emergency actions
The course features videos, animations, learning games, and skill-building exercises.

Course Features

  • Begin your training in minutes.
  • Start and stop training at your convenience.
  • Receive a printable TDG certificate.
  • Enjoy 24/7 365 access to online training.
  • Use the printable resources for easy reference.

Course Cost


Course Length

3 hours