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H2S Awareness


This is NOT the required H2S course for oil and gas sites. Register here for the full H2S Alive certificate.

We also offer Standard First Aid and Confined Space.

This H2S Awareness online course provides information required to properly recognize, assess and control hazards associated with the H2S gas.

The properties of H2S, the health hazards that are associated with exposure, the detection and monitoring methods, and acceptable exposure limits of H2S are discussed throughout the course. Through the course, you’ll learn about the chemistry of H2S and how it’s formed, how to recognize the presence of hydrogen sulfide in work areas, the precautions needed to work safely with the gas, and how to respond to an H2S emergency.

This course is intended for workers that work near or in proximity to hydrogen sulfide (H2S). Please note that this is strictly an AWARENESS course.

This online course provides information that is required to properly recognize, assess, and control the hazards associated with the H2S gas, including:

  • Properties of H2S
  • Health hazards associated with exposure
  • Detection and monitoring methods
  • Acceptable exposure limits of H2S

Course Content

  • Hydrogen sulphide: It’s a Killer Gas
  • Hazard detection & exposure limits: How much is too much?
  • Hydrogen sulphide in the Oil & Gas industry
  • Personal protective measures
  • Contingency plans & rescue response including first aid
  • Safe job procedures

Course Features

  • Interactive checkpoint quiz questions
  • Embedded video clips
  • Printable legislation based on province
  • Final exam
  • Printable certificate

Course Cost


Course Length

1.5 hours