Why purchase an AED?

Titan Health & Safety proudly sells Philips AEDs and accessories. Philips designed the HeartStart line of defibrillators to be user friendly and reliable. Having an AED available in your office or at your work site adds an invaluable tool in emergency situations. Combined with first aid training, having an AED available allows ordinary responders to help! The HeartStart FRx Defibrillator guides you through each step of defibrillation, including CPR coaching and adapts to your actions to give cardiac arrest victims their best possible chance.

How do I know if my office or work site needs an AED?

Imagine that an emergency occurs in your office or work site today. Do you know if there is an AED on site, or where it is stored? Do you think you could reach the AED, return to the emergency, and apply the defibrillator pads within three minutes? A three-minute response time is considered by experts to be the best window in which ordinary responders can help! If your AED is not within reach within the three-minute window, then you may need additional AEDs.

Interested in more information?

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For an overview of available AEDs and AED accessories, see below, or contact Titan for more information.

Philips Onsite AED

The HeartStart OnSite Defibrillator includes a pre-installed battery (4 year warranty), 1 pre-installed SMART pads cartridge (2 year warranty (unused)), and a standard carrying case.


Philips FRx Defibrillator

The HeartStart FRX Defibrillator includes 1 pre-installed battery, 1 pre-installed SMART Pads II cartridge and a standard carrying case.


Philips Home Defibrillator

HeartStart In-Home has a clean and simple interface that’s easy to use and understand. Its voice instructions guide you through the entire process, from placing the pads, to delivering a shock, to performing CPR. You won’t get lost because the intelligent sensors can detect what step you’re on and adapt to your actions.


Accessories: Metal Bracket and Wall Sign

Make your AED visible and accessible with this bracket mount and wall sign.


Accessories: Replacement Batteries

Include extra batteries in your AED order, or purchase separately.


Accessories: Replacement Pads

Include extra sets of pads in your AED order, or purchase separately.


Accessories: Alarmed Wallmount Cabinet

Include this alarmed cabinet in your AED order.



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