Psychological First Aid for Self and Others

Psychological First Aid (PFA) is a fully online course that is suitable for everyone. It helps participants to understand and manage stresses in their own lives, and also to understand how to recognize when others experience distress and how to offer help.

The Red Cross Psychological First Aid Program focuses on how to build resiliency, which is the ability of participants to notice and deal with stress. This approach is more effective in improving outcomes for participants and those they help. The program focuses on self-care, personal protection, loss, trauma, and stress. PFA courses are an excellent fit alongside other health and safety training, including online First Aid and CPR courses. The program also complements other existing wellness education programs.

Course Features:

  • Red Cross authorized.
  • Receive a completion card to show you have successfully finished the online learning.
  • Introduces the concepts, strategies, and applications of Psychological First Aid
  • Self-Care Course: Provides participants with strategies for increasing their resiliency and managing stress in their own lives.
  • Care For Others Course: Provides strategies for recognizing stress in others and providing appropriate help.

Course Length

  • Self-Care: 45 – 90 minutes
  • Care for Others: 45 – 90 minutes

Course Cost

  • Self-Care: $29.00
  • Care For Others: $29.00

Corporate & Group Rates

Please contact us for information.

Psychological First Aid – Self-Care Components

  • Types of stress and the potential causes, effects, and indicators
  • Support systems to help you cope with stress
  • A self-care plan
  • The Look, Listen, Link, Live cycle and how it applies to self-care

Psychological First Aid – Care For Others Components

  • The foundations of Psychological First Aid
  • How to help responsibly
  • Loss, grief, stress, and their impacts
  • Applying the Look, Listen, Link, Live cycle when caring for others

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If you or someone you know would benefit from this course, but due to current conditions are not able to afford it, please contact us to request a fee waiver for this course.