Online Emergency First Aid with CPR / AED – Levels A or C

Note: The Canadian Red Cross has released guidelines for performing CPR during Covid-19. Download a PDF here.


We are happy to say that Titan Health & Safety will be re-opening our North training centre on June 15, 2020!

Can I schedule my course?

Yes! If you have taken Part 1 of an online course, you are now welcome to register for Part 2: Classroom Learning. Please see the dates available on our calendar below.

Do online courses meet workplace requirements?

Online Emergency First Aid with CPR/AED courses meet Alberta Occupational Health & Safety first aid workplace legislation.

Register now for an Online Emergency First Aid course and complete Part 1: Online Learning at home! Participants who complete the Online Learning will receive a completion certificate that is valid for Alberta Occupational Health & Safety workplace requirements during Covid-19. Participants must take Part 2: Classroom Learning within 90 days, or once in-person training resumes. After completing both parts, you’ll be issued your 3-year certification.

Part 1: Online Learning

Register for Part 1 by itself or in combination with Part 2. You will receive an email with instructions on how to access the Canadian Red Cross’s online learning portal within 1 business day of registration.

Finish your online learning to receive a certificate of completion which is valid for Alberta Occupational Health & Safety workplace requirements during Covid-19. for 90 days. There is a possibility that the 90 days will be extended depending on the development of the Covid-19 situation.

Part 2: Classroom Learning

Classroom learning includes hands-on practical first aid skills. Participants must complete Part 1 before attending, and they must attend within 90 days of completing the online learning (this requirement may be subject to extension or change). Classroom learning dates will be available once it is safe to offer a public course.

Bring your certificate of completion to Part 2 as proof of eligibility. Complete Part 2 in order to receive your three-year certification.

Course Features:

The Red Cross Emergency First Aid with CPR/AED course is a comprehensive course, providing the necessary skills required in the workplace or at home.

**Please note: to take a re-certification course you must hold a current (non-expired) card.

  • Canadian Red Cross authorized; meets federal, and most provincial, Emergency First Aid and CPR regulations
  • Includes the latest first aid and CPR guidelines
  • Includes injury prevention content.
  • The Red Cross course exceeds the standards of other first aid course providers.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of taking Part 1: Online Learning by itself, or in combination with Part 2: Classroom Learning
  • A certificate of completion for Part 1: Online Learning is valid for Alberta Occupational Health & Safety workplace requirements during Covid-19.
  • Once both parts are complete, receive a 3-year Canadian Red Cross Certification

Course Length

  • Full Course – 4 hours online learning and 4.5 in-class time
  • Recertification – 4 hours online learning and 4 hours in-class time

Course Cost

  • Full Course (certification)
    • Both Parts – $110.00
    • Part 1: Online Learning – $55.00
    • Part 2: Classroom Learning – $55.00
  • Recertification
    • Both Parts – $90.00
    • Part 1: Online Learning – $45.00
    • Part 2: Classroom Learning  – $45.00

Corporate & Group Rates

Please contact us for information.

First Aid Course Content

  • Red Cross
  • Preparing to Respond
  • EMS System
  • Check, Call, Care
  • Airway Emergencies
  • Breathing and Circulation Emergencies
  • First Aid for Respiratory & Cardiac Arrest
  • Wound Care

Course Schedule

Part 1: Online Learning can be completed on your own schedule! This self-paced learning is intended to be flexible to meet your needs.

Dates for Part 2: Classroom Learning are now available at our North Training Centre. 

Location: Suite 252, 1632 – 14 Ave N.W. Calgary AB (North Hill Professional Centre)

If you have already registered, request a Part 2 date by emailing or by calling 403-452-7727. 

If you are registering now, choose a date for Part 2 while registering for your course.