Red Cross First Aid & CPR Instructor Development Course

The instructor course provides candidates with the knowledge and skills to teach core Red Cross First Aid & CPR courses:

  • Emergency and Standard First Aid, CPR/AED all levels
  • Marine Basic First Aid
  • Emergency and Standard Child Care First Aid.

Includes how to teach and facilitate, individual and group assignments, practice teaching, injury prevention principles, inclusion, and progressive learning.

Course Length

  • Full Course
    • Skills Evaluation 1 day
    • Online 7-8 hours
    • Classroom 4 days -includes two days of Fundamentals of Instruction and two Discipline Specific
    • Teaching Experience – 30 minutes online and 1-2 days of teaching a course
  • Recertification – 1 day
  • Transfer -See below or call us.


Red Cross Instructor Full Course

  • Proof of current Standard First Aid (or higher) with CPR-HCP
  • 18+ years old

Red Cross Instructor Recertification

  • The instructor has taught a minimum of two Canadian Red Cross First Aid courses per year, as per Alberta legislation (Emergency First Aid or Standard).
  • Verification will be required.
  • Red Cross updates must be completed prior
  • **There is no longer a grace period. If participant is expired you cannot attend. Please call us.

Course Cost

  • Full Course – $950.00
  • Transfer Course – $750.00
  • Recertification –  $225.00


  • 100% attendance
  • Skills Evaluation complete (prior to in class component)
  • In class component successful completion
  • Successful completion of teaching experience
  • Adhere to the Canadian Red Cross Standards of Behavior and the Group Charter


  • 3-year certification as Canadian Red Cross First Aid Instructor

Course Steps

Step 1: Skills Evaluation
Candidates demonstrate Red Cross skills with a TES- Teaching Experience Supervisor or IT- Instructor Trainer at our center. Pre-requisites are confirmed at this stage.
Step 2: Fundamentals of Instruction
7-8 hours of online self paced instruction followed by two day classroom component. Classroom component will allow candidates to apply fundamentals of instruction. The instructor uses a learner centered approach and up to date educational principles. Candidates will learn microteaching segments with peers. 
Step 3: Discipline Specific Classroom Component
This is a two day component. Candidates will apply their skills amongst their peers and with the assistance of their instructor trainer. This provides students with the tools they need for the classroom. Candidates will practice segments. At Titan we will focus on First Aid and CPR discipline. However we may also teach wilderness specific content in the near future.
Step 4: Teaching Experience
Online and classroom component. 30-45 minutes of self paced online prior to doing teaching experience. The classroom component will bring candidates into a real course with supervising instructor. The candidate is required to complete core areas successfully. 3 attempts are allowed to complete. Candidates must complete within 1 year.

Transfer Course

Transfer pathway Option 1: Candidates that have previous First Aid teaching experience from a recognized agency take all the course steps above with the exemption of Step 3 (Discipline Specific). They will move right to the Teaching Experience.

Transfer pathway Option 2: Any candidates that are Red Cross water safety instructors, Instructor Trainers  or Educators (Elementary or Secondary) are able to take this pathway. They will be exempt from taking the classroom component of Step 2.

**We can take one Transfer student in a regular class- candidate will skip the step they are not required to take and pay the Transfer price only.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Course Schedule

Certification Dates:

These are the classroom components of Step 2 and Step 3. Please note Step 1 and online portion of 2 must be completed prior. All other components will be booked with your program representative.
October 10th, 11th, 17th and 18th, 2018. 
5 spots open!
Location: 252-1632 14th Ave NW

Re-Certification Dates:
New date! November 8th, 2018. 11 spots open! 

Location: 252-1632 14th Ave NW

Transfer Course Dates (see above for pre-requisites and exemption days):
October 10th and 11th, 2018 – 1 spot remaining for Option #1.
October 17th and 18th, 2018 – Now full

Location: 252-1632 14th Ave NW

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