Frequently Asked Questions


Titan Health & Safety will be temporarily suspending registrations for the period of March 18 – April 14, 2020. Classes are available from April 15th onwards. This is subject to change. Partial Online classes, which are 50% online, are still running. The in-class portion of all Partial Online classes will take place after April 15th, 2020.

Titan Health & Safety maintains the highest standards of cleanliness. Each participant has the use of their own mask and mannequin, which has been fully sterilized and disinfected per the Canadian Red Cross standards. Additional alcohol wipes are available upon request for participants’ comfort. As a social distancing measure we are currently running at half-capacity.

We ask that participants refrain from attending their course if: they have fever or respiratory symptoms; they have recently travelled; or if they have been in contact with a person who has travelled recently. If you or a close contact are experiencing symptoms or are at risk, please call Titan Health & Safety at 403-452-7727 for options to change the date of your course.

In the case of a closure or participant cancellation, all funds will be applied as a credit towards a future class.

CPR and First Aid During Covid-19

1. Is it safe to perform CPR on a person who may have Covid-19? Should I perform CPR or recommend that others do so, if certified?

  • According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, the situation is rapidly evolving, and your risk is variable depending on risk-factors. If someone’s heart stops and you are concerned that they may have had respiratory symptoms, it is at your discretion to perform or not to perform mouth-to-mouth breaths based on your personal preference. It’s still important to call E.M.S. and find an A.E.D. If you choose to perform breaths, you can use barrier devices to help protect yourself.
  • CPR with breaths is recommended for people who have been trained in CPR, but as an alternative, hands-only CPR can be performed until help arrives if you are unsure about putting your mouth on a strangers’ mouth, or have concerns the person may have COVID-19. If you choose to perform hands-only CPR, first call EMS and then perform hands-only CPR until advanced help arrives. If you think the person may have COVID-19, please state your concerns to the emergency response telecommunicator so everyone who responds can be aware of the potential for COVID-19 transmission.
  • Download a PDF with CPR guidelines during Covid-19 here.

Payment Options

1. What payment options are available?

  • You can pay when you register online with any major credit card or with PayPal.
  • You can pay over the phone with any major credit card, or arrange to pay by email money transfer.
  • For businesses, we are happy to arrange invoicing. Please call our office to get set up in our system.


2. I want to pay when I get to the course. Is that all right?

  • We take payment in advance in order to reserve your spot in the class. For people who can only pay by cash, we cannot guarantee your spot in advance, and you may be asked to move to a different date if the course fills up.

3. I registered online for one date, but when I received my confirmation, it was for a different date. Why?

  • When registering, did the date you selected on the registration form match a date from our calendar of available courses? If a date was selected by mistake, we will put you in the nearest available course and contact you to confirm.
  • When registering, did the date you select on the calendar show as “full” or “closed”? When a course reaches its cap of participants, we can’t accept further registrations for that date. We will put you in the nearest available course and contact you to confirm.
  • Sometimes this is the result of human error, so it is worth checking. Give our office a call at 403-452-7727.

4. I registered after normal business hours for a course the next day. The course on the calendar showed spots were available in the course. But when I arrived at the course, I was told it was full. Why?

  • We are unable to guarantee registrations made outside normal business hours for a course that starts within 24 business hours. We do our best to update our calendar when a course fills, but if multiple registrations happen overnight, these are treated on a first-come, first-served basis. If this happens, we are happy to change your date for one that meets your needs with no fee.


5. When will I receive my certificate after the course?

  • Temporary certificates, which are valid for 60 days, are available immediately after you successfully complete your course. Ask your instructor if you need a temporary certificate.
  • Your full certificate will be emailed to you within 7 business days after your course. Please ensure we have your correct email address on file to ensure prompt delivery.
  • If it has been more than 7 business days after your course, please contact our office at 403-452-7727 with your name, correct email address, and the date of your course.
  • Energy Safety Canada / H2S Alive: The card you receive at the end of your course is your full certificate. It is not a temporary certificate – do not lose or misplace it! If you need a new copy of your certificate, please call (403) 516-8000.

6. My name is mis-spelled, or there is a different error on my certificate. Can you fix it?

  • Please contact our office by email at or by phone at 403-452-7727, to have your certificate corrected and re-issued.
  • Energy Safety Canada / H2S Alive: If you need a correction of your certificate, please call (403) 516-8000.

7. I lost my certificate from a course I took within the past 3 years. Do you have a copy?

  • We are able to immediately issue certificates to participants who took their course with Titan Health & Safety after October 2017. Please give our office a call at 403-452-7727.
  • If you took your course before October 2017, or if you took your course with a different company, please contact the Canadian Red Cross directly at 1-877-356-3226.
  • If you would like to purchase a printed, laminated copy of your certificate, you can request a laminated certificate online.
  • Energy Safety Canada / H2S Alive: If you need a new copy of your certificate, please call (403) 516-8000.

8. I took my course more than 3 years ago. Can I get a copy of my certificate?

  • Certificates from more than 3 years ago are no longer valid, so we are unable to issue them.

9. I prefer a printed, laminated copy of my card to the digital certificate issued by the Canadian Red Cross. How do I get one?

  • You are welcome to contact us with your name, the date of your course, and a current mailing address. For a fee of $5 plus GST, we will print, laminate, and send you a copy of your certificate.


10. Is there an age restriction on the courses?

  • There is no age restriction on the courses we offer. Participants need to be able to understand the material, demonstrate the skills, and stay for the entire course.

11. Can I bring a translator or an aide with me to my course?

  • Yes, translators or aides are welcome to attend. Please let us know in advance in case any accommodations need to be made. Translators or aides will not receive a certificate unless they register for the course. They do not need to participate in activities or demonstrate the skills.

12. I am pregnant. Can I take the course?

  • Yes, you are welcome to take the course. We can make accommodations, but you will still need to demonstrate all the skills.

13. I have arthritis, an injury or illness, or another physical issue that may prevent me from demonstrating the skills. Can I take the course?

  • If your injury or illness is temporary (e.g. a broken arm, or recovery from surgery), please call us to discuss accommodations, or follow the recommendation of your doctor.
  • If your injury or illness is chronic or ongoing, we will do our best to make accommodations for you. Please let us know in advance so that the instructor can be prepared to offer accommodations.


14. What is the difference between CPR and BLS? Which one should I take?

  • CPR, or cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, is a course that can be taken by anyone. It offers useful skills for responding in an emergency that are useful both to people with experience with first aid and for beginners. People who might need this course include:
    1. Fitness instructors (may also require Standard First Aid with CPR-C)
    2. Health care aides (often need Standard First Aid with CPR-C)
    3. Pharmacists (require Emergency First Aid with CPR-C)
  • BLS or Basic Life Support is a course specifically for people who work in a medical field directly with patients. People who might need this course include:
    1. Nurses
    2. Paramedics
    3. Dental hygienists

15. What is the difference between Standard First Aid and Standard Child Care First Aid? Which one should I take?

  • Standard First Aid with CPR Level C is a general course that covers adults, children, and infants. It is useful for people working in many different industries.
  • Standard Child Care First Aid with CPR Level B is a specific course focused on children and infants. People who work in a daycare, day home, or preschool often need this course. Check with the director of your program to be sure.
  • Check with your employer which course you need.

16. What is a BC Equivalency or Out of Jurisdiction certificate? Do I need one?

  • The B.C. Out of Jurisdiction certificate is necessary if you will be working in B.C. but you did your first aid training in Alberta. According to WorkSafe B.C., it is equivalent to a B.C. Level 1 First Aid certificate.

17. I didn’t get a B.C. Out of Jurisdiction certificate when I took my course, but now I need one. Can I get one after the fact?

  • Yes. We will need to see proof of your current first aid certification. Then you must fill out a form showing that you are applying for the Out of Jurisdiction card. Finally, we will send you a scan of your Out of Jurisdiction card, as well as mailing a copy to you. The cost for this service is $25.00 plus GST (shipping and handling not included).


18. I registered for CPR, but I later found out that I need Emergency or Standard First Aid. Can I change my registration?

  • Yes. If it is before or during your course, you can simply call our office at 403-452-7727 to upgrade. You pay the difference and upgrade to the correct course.

19. I took CPR a few days ago, but now I know I should have taken Emergency or Standard First Aid. Can I upgrade after the course?

  • Yes, if it is within 30 days after you completed your course. You will need to return to learn any material you missed. You pay the difference as well as the Red Cross fee for a second certificate, and upgrade to the correct course.

20. I took CPR several months ago, but now I need Emergency or Standard First Aid. Can I upgrade at this point?

  • If it has been more than 30 days after your course, you cannot upgrade. You will need to re-register and take the full course that you require.

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