About Titan Health & Safety

Our Mission

To provide individuals with the power and knowledge to save the lives

of their friends, families, co-workers, and neighbours.

Titan Health is owned and operated by a paramedic with many years of experience who recognizes the importance of First Aid and CPR training. Titan Health’s professional instructors are known for their ability to bring hands-on knowledge and experience into their classes. Clients will leave the course with a clear understanding of their new skills and the confidence to use them in an emergency situation.

Life happens. Be prepared when it does.


Sarah Johnson – Owner and First Aid Instructor Trainer

Sarah spent almost eight years as a paramedic before opening Titan in 2009. She is passionate about educating the public with the right lifesaving skills needed in an emergency. Sarah has been a Red Cross Instructor Since 2002 and is also a Red Cross Instructor Trainer. She is constantly striving to improve her rapidly growing school, and prides herself on providing exceptional customer service. Feel free to call Sarah anytime with questions or concerns. She’d love to hear from you.

Brianna – Program Coordinator

Healthy, bright and happy. Brianna prides herself in prevention and health, with a background in physical training and nutrition. Her organizational skills are an asset to the busy office operations.  She never seems to run out of energy either.

Celeste- Interim Assistant Director

Celeste worked for Titan for many years and is back helping us out as we grow and develop. Celeste is a master at all things organization and ensures we stay focused and on track. She loves crafting and selling her amazing hand made items on weekends. She is always eager to lend a helping hand.


Devan – Lead Instructor Extraordinaire, and Wilderness Instructor

Devan has been teaching for over 12 years and has taught for Titan Health since 2009. Devan teaches First Aid and CPR full time, and his abundant knowledge and ability to engage his audience is something to see.  He always manages to keep it fresh and interesting. We often have students returning year after year asking to take a course with Devan again.

Charles – H2S/Enform Instructor

Charles has been teaching H2S Alive courses since the beginning. We like to tease him and say the beginning of time, but in truth it has been over 20 years now. It’s difficult to describe how fantastic Charles is. Our client compliments are never ending. We have such an admiration for his strong teaching abilities and wonderful personality.

Karen – Instructor

Karen’s experience really shows when you sit through one of her courses. Her sense of humor keeps the class laughing and engaged.  Not only does she incorporate her knowledge, but she uses various teaching techniques to make the day enjoyable for her students. She has a slew of activities and real life scenarios for all participant’s to have a hands on interactive experience.

Huma- Instructor

Huma has ample teaching experience. Huma is a physician with a significant background in first aid which allows students to feel confident with what she is teaching. She is a mother and wife and her kindness and warmth create a comfortable environment for her students to learn in.

Romana- Instructor

Romana is  also a physician with lots of teaching lots of teaching experience.  Her wit keeps the class engaged and interested.  She uses examples of her family, husband and 3 children to offer real life examples of first aid that help to keep the information relevant and personal.

Linda – Instructor

Organized and ready to share her knowledge and passion about First Aid to all her students. Linda really makes the day go by for her learners and allows for all students to feel accepted and ready to help others when they leave.

Karla – Instructor

With Karla’s 17 years experience as a paramedic, she has so much knowledge to share while teaching.  Her knowledge and kindness make her approachable and relatable.  She loves to teach and share her knowledge with her students and they leave feeling capable and confident.  Karla also has a passion for yoga and recently finished her training to Instruct in Bali.


We have several other part-time instructors that often teach for us and other companies throughout the city of Calgary. Every one has significant experience and knowledge. We have a very high referral rate due to our exceptional instructors who make the courses enjoyable.