Partial Online First Aid and CPR Courses

Partial Online courses are available at this time. The 50% in-class portion will be available after May 1, 2020.

Participants will be required to compete the in-person training within 90 days of completing the online component, after which they will be issued a 3-year certification.

NEW! Partial Online Courses are now available at Titan Health & Safety. These courses meet Red Cross training standards and Alberta first aid workplace legislation, but require only half the time in the classroom. These courses are particularly directed to the self-motivated, technically capable individual.

  • All of the partial online training courses meet legislative requirements
  • Complete the online learning portion on your own time, then complete the skills practicum in class.
  • The online courses have been designed to be user friendly, but a general knowledge of computers is necessary.
  • BC Workplace Endorsement is available for Partial Online Emergency First Aid and Partial Online Standard First Aid.

Partial Online Course Details

When you register for a Partial Online Course, you will receive access to the Red Cross’s online learning portal. Once you complete your online learning, you will receive proof of completion which you can access online or print out. You must bring proof of completion of the online portion to your in-class skills practicum, otherwise you will have to reschedule your in-class day. A fee applies if you reschedule within five business days of your in-class day. The in-class portion of the course focuses on the active CPR and First Aid skills. To pass the course, you must receive at least 75% on your knowledge exam, which will test both the online learning and skills portion of the course.

Partial Online Courses do not reduce the total learning time necessary, but they allow you to proceed at your own pace. Please be sure to read our Terms and Conditions for the cancellation and transfer terms specific to these courses before registering.

Recertifications must be done in the regular in-class courses.

Choose a link below to register for Partial Online Courses

Summer 2018: Regular courses only. See our Standard First Aid, Emergency First Aid, and CPR calendars for regular course dates over the summer months.