Lockout Tagout Training Online: Awareness & Procedures

This online course, based on CSA Z460 Standard, is designed to ensure employers, management and workers understand the hazards associated with controlled energy and the proper methods of controlling energy through a properly developed and implemented lockout program. The lockout tagout course covers the responsibilities of individuals servicing or maintaining equipment, administrative controls and the five most common reasons for lockout injuries and fatalities, among other topics.

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Course Content

  • Lockout and definitions
  • Hazardous energy control program
  • Control methods
  • Lockout devices and steps to lockout
  • Lockout processes
  • Alternate hazardous energy

This course contains interactive checkpoint exercises/quizzes, embedded video clips, printable legislation based upon province, a final exam, and printable certificate.

Course Length

The average course running time for Lockout / Tagout is approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Who Should Take Lockout / Tagout Training?

This training course should be taken by anyone who works in general industry as Lockout / Tagout procedures can be used in almost every working environment! Key industries include: electrical sector, construction, heavy machinery operators, mechanics, and oil & gas workers.

How Often Do I Need to Take Lockout / Tagout Training?

We recommend that you should renew your training every 3 years. When you successfully complete our training course we issue you a wallet-size certificate.