Psychological First Aid for Self and Others – Waiving Course Fees

Psychological First Aid (PFA) is a fully online course that is suitable for everyone. It helps participants to understand and manage stresses in their own lives, and also to understand how to recognize when others experience distress and how to offer help.

The Red Cross Psychological First Aid Program focuses on how to build resiliency, which is the ability of participants to notice and deal with stress. This approach is more effective in improving outcomes for participants and those they help. The program focuses on self-care, personal protection, loss, trauma, and stress. PFA courses are an excellent fit alongside other health and safety training, including online First Aid and CPR courses. The program also complements other existing wellness education programs.

Apply for Fee Waiver

Titan Health & Safety has reduced current pricing to make this course available to as many people as possible. For every course purchased, Titan will donate one course to a person who may not be able to afford it at this time. Titan is offering this course at cost and has waived all profit to contribute to our community.

Buy One, Donate One – If you have the ability to help someone in need, you can help Titan offer this course to more people! For each course purchased, Titan donates a course to someone who has requested a fee waiver. Register here to take the course as well as pay it forward!

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  • We are able to distribute these courses through a combination of donations from community members and Titan's commitment to at-cost courses at this time. When a course is donated, it will be offered to those who have requested a free course on a first-come first-served basis.
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